Sunday, November 29, 2009

we're ready

These days there's only one item on my To Do list immediately after Thanksgiving: to get the advent calendar up. Beyond that, I'll do anything to avoid Black Friday, and I figure we've got all month to do all our additional decorating and shopping. I'm in no hurry.

So Tsia and I hung up the mittens, and just when I was wondering what to put inside each one, Tsia asked for her leftover Halloween candy. (I was fairly certain she had forgotten it...?) She managed to find something in the stash for each mitten, which even saves me the that part of the task. Oh to be four, when a single leftover Pez candy for each day on the calendar makes you perfectly happy!

The pattern for these mitten ornaments is available for free download over at Oliver + S. Last year I made one mitten every day, so Tsia received a mitten each morning when she woke up, with a small gift inside. But they also make great ornaments, little gifts or decorations on gifts, so have fun with them!


  1. Liesl, these mittens are adorable. I love them! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Liesl, I want that bookcase. When can I come pick it up?


    WV: lavocyte. If soap were alive, it'd be made up of lavocytes.

  3. I just love this idea! I wonder if I could whip up a mitten each day? Sadly, probably not. I love that a single Pez makes your daughter happy.

  4. Shasta, I'll bet you could do it. The most time-consuming parts are cutting the shapes (I did them all at once so I only had to do sewing for the rest of the month) and doing the embroidery. The embroidery itself didn't take very long either, since I used a backstitch and kept it simple. You'd be surprised, I think!

  5. Liesl, I'm going to give it a try! I'm sure my husband will shake his head that I'm adding another thing to my growing to-do list, but I just love these mittens! Plus, I've been looking for some new family traditions to incorporate into our holiday season. And I've got some leftover wool from the School Days Jacket that would be just perfect for this project! Thanks for the encouragement...

  6. One mitten a day - BRILLIANT IDEA!