Friday, November 06, 2009

drawing again

After about a year of almost strictly writing, Tsia has finally returned to drawing. She had mostly been obsessed with spelling names--hers, "Mommy," Todd (written always as "Todd" and not "Daddy", and her friends' names)--and with the alphabet, but suddenly when school started she returned to making her adorable robots and the most wonderful new rabbits. This robot drawing was tucked into my handbag to keep me company when we traveled to Quilt Market last month.

We've also been assigned book reports as homework, so after we read a book Tsia draws a picture and we write about the story itself. We've been working our way through Beverly Cleary stories (more about this later), so here is our report about Ramona the Brave:
The book report triggered a small family of paper bag owls (love these ones, if you want to try it at home), like Ramona's owl.

But this is my favorite book report so far. We read If I Built a Car, and Tsia's illustration focused on this spread:

Can you recognize the pudding, cupcake, hot dog, milkshake, watermelon, cookie, french fries, hamburger, and aerosol cheese? And don't forget the boy and his dog. Cracks me up because I can actually tell what each one is.

Today Tsia is home from school with a fever and a cold, and although it's only 10:30 am we've already done painting, stitching, weaving, organized a closet, and selected some fabrics for a quilt. Obviously she's not that sick. I can hardly wait to settle down for some relaxing drawing again. Whew!


  1. Oh I love that book report!
    My Ahnalin is obsessed with "writing mail" lately. She is going through envelopes and paper like crazy. I am loving this stage even though she is driving me nuts with "Mommy, how do you spell....?"
    And I will pray for Tsia to feel better. My India has been home sick for almost a week. I am dying to have the girls both back at school so I can sew!

  2. If I Built a Car is a true favorite around here. We just returned it to the library, and several times a day I catch myself saying "'s nothing great, nothing grand, nothing at all like the car I have planned..." while I over hear my 4 yo saying, "...guaranteed not to hit telephone poles." anyway, i love both book reports; so sweet. i hope tsia feels better soon!

    oh, and i just finished kimono from the bedtime story set. such a perfectly written pattern. i haven't sewn from a true pattern before and you really made it all so easy; the result is fantastic.