Thursday, August 27, 2009

green biking

Who do you imagine drives this bicycle?

I've been hoping to catch a glimpse of its rider for many months now. Early last spring the portable greenhouse was planted with a variety of little seedlings. I could hardly wait to see what sprouted. But I was even more interested to see who built and maintained such a fascinating three-wheeled contraption. Obviously this person is very creative, innovative, and not afraid to be just a little bit different. He or she must also be in excellent shape, since this doesn't look like a lightweight bicycle frame. Not to mention the additional weight of carting several milk jugs full of soil.

Sadly, I have yet to catch a glimpse of the owner. I keep watching on my way to and from the studio every day, but I've never seen anyone tending the garden or the bike.

(In my imagination, a young man with a funny straw hat wakes early on Saturday mornings and pedals his pink tricycle to the green market to sell basil (since that appears to be the current crop). He leaves at 4:00 am because he needs to get over the Williamsburg Bridge in time to greet his early-morning customers. They like their basil to be as fresh as possible, so he harvests as needed. After business has been conducted, he trades a few basil stems with another vendor in exchange for some ripe tomatoes and begins the long trek back home.)

P.S. Those little plants must be hardy ones. Not only do they appear to travel; they've also endured some extremely warm temperatures during the past few weeks. I can't imagine what the temperature must have been inside that little greenhouse during those sunny afternoons.


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Interesting. Is it always parked in the same spot or do you see it parked in various spots around town? I would imagine it would be hard to ride!!

  2. Love your story...

    hmmm...perhaps it is someone who was fined by the FDNY for growing basil on her fire-escape, but just couldn't do without it for her weekly dinner of pasta with bolognese sauce, which she always hopes will lure her dashingly handsome, but incredibly shy italian neighbor to her open apartment door....

  3. Very clever. But I must tell you, that in my little town of Grass Valley, CA, the crop would likely be another kind of

  4. Minivan, it's always parked in the same place. Actually, it was missing for a few days and we saw signs posted around the neighborhood asking for its whereabouts. The funny thing was, it was parked just down the block from it's usual spot, at the next streetlamp. Maybe the rider had been smoking some other "herb" and forgot where it was?

    And Andrea, I love your story! I hope that dashing Italian knows it's her bike parked out there. Maybe he could help take her plants for a little fresh air in exchange for dinner?


  5. Very interesting! I do hope you get a glimpse of the owner sometime.

  6. It must be someone very tall to see over the top of the greenhouse while biking. What a nifty idea! Why not leave a note for the owner?

  7. Basil loves heat. My basil can survive an Arizona summer. What a charming idea!

  8. Marina3:41 PM

    I can't decide whether I want you to find him and take his picture and post it for us, or not. What a delightful mystery.