Friday, August 14, 2009

7 days

Things that happen when your four-year-old visits her grandparents for a week:

  • you work really hard and it still feels like a vacation (how can that be, really?)
  • you see Julie and Julia and are inspired to make Boeuf Bourguignon but instead go out for pork buns at Momofuku with friends after the movie.
  • going to a movie and dinner makes you feel like a real grown-up again, until you stay out way past bedtime and realize that you've gotten too old to do these things
  • your daughter doesn't want to speak to you on the phone because she's too busy having fun (and this is a good thing, you tell yourself)
  • you go shopping for real, grown-up skincare products. You spend a lot of money on them and are surprised at how well they work right away
  • your husband buys reading glasses
  • you realize that you and your husband are getting older
  • you hang out with your husband and share some good laughs and conversations without interruption
  • your daughter gets an inexplicable fever that seems to have no cause and doesn't slow her down at all
  • you worry about the fever
  • your daughter tells you that she misses the cat most of all
  • you discover that the television program your mom talked about 15 years ago really was as great as she said (My So-Called Life on Hulu)
  • you feel a little guilty that you're not quite ready for your daughter to come home yet
  • your daughter returns and carries the cat around the apartment for three days
  • you're thrilled that your daughter had such a wonderful time with her grandparents. And without you.
  • you can't believe how much you missed your daughter. And how much she's grown. In just one week.


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    We were just talking last night about how funny S is with the cat! Last time we were out there she was carrying P around and the cat was almost as big as her!

  2. Sweet, sweet words...I hope my daughter ends up loving our 3 kitties as much as yours does. Right now she is just starting to notice them when they wander by or head-butt her :)

  3. My 2 year old is currently on a trip with his father and grandmother and I stayed home alone. I can relate to a lot of those! It's wonderful and kind of sad all at the same time.

  4. I think life's bittersweet moments are the best ones. I had a smile and a tear when I read this!

  5. very sweet... but i most of all want to know about the skin care products!

  6. sweet post.
    i can not for the life of me imagine 7 days without the kids.
    wasn't that movie wonderful. i escaped the house on friday and went by myself.

  7. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Love the picture, love the post. Can totally relate.

  8. Our 2-year-old has been loving on our cats since she could wiggle across the floor and poke them in the eyes...they put up with it pretty well. And YES, My So-Called Life was an amazing tv show. I can probably still recite half the episodes from memory. I can't believe it was that long ago...yikes.

  9. Awww - that was just so sweet! What a memorable time I bet she had.

  10. Just want to tell you that I am loving this blog. I hope you have the time and energy to keep it for a long time!

  11. I love the part about the cat, so true for my kids times away. The boys miss my cooking, and my daughter misses the animals. I'm always happy to have them home though.
    BTW, I LOVE the new line and can't wait to dive in and sew it up for my little ones!

  12. these all ring true with me! we are experiencing day 2 without out 2.75 yo right now. she's with grandma and couldn't be having more fun.

    and, my mom and i used to watch my so called life ALL the time. glad you're catching up now!

  13. We only had 4 days but they were lovely. And we loved Julie and Julia too. However our youngest informed us that we are NEVER TO LEAVE her again because she missed us too much. UH.....well not for a while at least.

  14. Aw, that was a sweet list. Glad she's back! :)