Wednesday, April 29, 2009

making me happy

cute selvedges:

funny quotes:

“If more homosexuals were in the Obamas’ lives, there is no way Michelle would have worn a twin set when she met the queen.”

--Max Mutchnick, co-creator of Will and Grace, quoted in The New York Times.

good books:

How did I not read Far From the Madding Crowd until now? Loved it, from the first word to the last. I was expecting F. Scott Fitzgerald and was completely surprised, especially at the subtle humor.

sun, sand and water in the middle of the city:

(in April, no less!)

eating out-of-doors:

vibrant paintings:


  1. Anonymous2:43 AM

    That is an outrageously cute selvage (and an outrageously cute fabric). What are you using it for?

  2. This East Coast heat wave was fun! We broke out the kiddie pool :)

    I, too, *love* Far from the Madding Crowd. I assumed it would be tragic & steered clear for years. We were missing out!

    BTW, I appreciated your post about contemplating the home sewer when you make your patterns--I'd love to own a serger but that investment is years away.

  3. Hardy, sunshine and cute fabric! Sounds perfect. I read my way through all Hardy's books one summer when I was a student. I love the Woodlanders best.