Monday, January 26, 2009

at least I'm consistent

January is a great month, in my opinion; my apologies if you disagree. At the beginning of the new year, we've all taken stock of our lives, everyone is a little more relaxed following the holidays, and it's a great opportunity to catch up with dear friends. We can relax into our routines a bit and get cozy in our houses during the cold weather. I love to cook in January, and it's even better to cook for friends.

This year, between that amazing plane landing, the inauguration, and some seriously cold, snowy weather, January has been even better than usual. Were it not for the fact that I'm swamped with work, I'd be skipping down the sidewalk on my way to Tsia's preschool every day. So I'm still here but just a little busy right now. I'll be checking in periodically for another week or two, probably. Then I hope to be here more regularly again.

In the meantime, we recently discovered two great picture books I had to show you. I have certain criteria for picture books: the story and illustrations both have to be equally great. No whimpy stories in exchange for great illustrations, please! It's not so easy to find them, I think.

I came across this book, Little Red, at the library the other day. I'm not a big fan of fairy tales, truthfully. Again, the story has to be good to make a book worthwhile, and I think there are many better stories these days than the original tales. But I enjoyed this re-telling; it retains a bit of the scariness mixed with lots of humor and wit. And, of course, great illustrations.

And then there was this book, Iggy Peck, Architect. Someone blogged about it a while ago; who was it? Love it. Written in verse, a good story and really clever. I love the mid-century modern feel of the illustrations.

But until I grabbed the two books tonight it didn't occur to me that they share they same illustrator: David Roberts. Different authors, very different stories, and completely different illustration styles. But the same illustrator. Love that. And love that Little Red is the third fairy tale Mr. Roberts has retold with his sister, Lynn Roberts.

I need to look for more books involving Mr. Roberts. And Ms. Roberts, too. Good stuff.


  1. It's funny, but the colours are the same too, just reversed for characters and setting in each picture.

  2. I love the Iggy Peck book too!! And January!

  3. Hi,
    Since buying a pattern from you, which by the way I used twice and came out beautifully and so professional!!, I have been reading your blog. I have a book recommendation, Olivier Dunrea's book called Hanne's Quest. The illustrations are beautiful. It is a chapter book, so maybe too old for your daughter, I just read it with mine who is 5 and she loved it. It is about a chicken who must go on a quest to seek 9 magical seeds to allow her to lay golden eggs to save the farm on which she lives. It is a wonderful story. Mr Dunrea has written other books which are quite good, Petie and Gossie series, and another which we love about a baby in the snow with gorgeous illustrations. Check out his website and books

  4. It's funny as we picked up Little Red from the library last trip too. We really love it. The illustrations are just fantastic. I disagree with you a little about the value of old tales though.I think there wouldn't be the new interpretations without them if you know what I mean?

  5. My introduction to the Roberts was with their retelling for Cinderella: This was given to me way before I had children, and it has become one of my daughters favorite books. The illustrations are fabulous

  6. Thanks for posting about these books. I am always on the lookout for good children's books. I tend to stick with some of the older books because the illustrations and stories are better.