Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas care packages

Speaking theoretically, of course.

Nothing freaks me out more than knowing that my own family and friends read my blog. It's one thing to know that thousands of total strangers are reading what I say; somehow it's completely different when your own sister mentions, while you're talking with her on the telephone, something you wrote on your blog the other day.

So of course I can't tell you what's in this years' holiday care package. Because my family reads my blog! The packages have't been received yet (or sent, for that matter). But I can tell you what I wish was in them.

First of all, there is no way I could do all handmade gifts this year. I would have loved to, but I'll save that for another year when life is less hectic. Instead, I did the next best thing: Etsy!

So here is what isn't in the packages going to my family members (for a variety of reasons):

These completely adorable miniature worlds. I can't believe I missed these. Amazing, amazing. Total Genius.

I would love to look up from my computer each day to see one of these gorgeous calendars. I think my Mom and sisters would love them, too.

A sweet letterpress holiday telegram postcard. Cute, yes? Really, I love just about anything letterpress. But this is such a great idea for a holiday card.

Wouldn't that be a wonderful package? That and a little drinking chocolate and I'd be happy.

Too bad they're not getting that.


  1. what fantastic gifts! Good choices

  2. Know exactly what you mean about people you know reading your blog! Very freaky.

  3. I'm reading your blog! Spoooky.
    -Your sis

  4. I love those Mimi Kirchner minature worlds too, so cute.

  5. I totally sympathize with the weirdness of realizing people you know off-internet read your blog. It's been enough to make me look askance at my keyboard more than once. Brrr.