Thursday, October 02, 2008

Instead-of-dinner crafts

I just love that Amanda is making Before-Dinner Skirts with the Lazy Days Skirt pattern. Tsia and I have adopted the model to our own needs; we're making Instead-of-Dinner Shrinky Dinks.

Yesterday was a very long day, so on the way home we stopped for slices of pizza.

When Todd arrived a few hours later, we were happily crafting at the dining table. No room for dinner, thanks very much.

We started with houses. Then I moved on to apartment buildings.

We collaborated on some robots with "pointies" (also known as antenna).

But my favorites are the ones Tsia drew by herself. I'm surprised we didn't get any solo robots with pointies and belly-buttons, actually. In fact, I'm determined to get myself a few before we set this media aside. They've got lots of character.

Must schedule more replacement dinners. The melty plastic is calling.


  1. i love shrinky dinks!


  2. Oh, Shrinky Dinks! They smell like 1981 from over here. Awesome. Must get some for our little ones (and for our teen!)--the whole family would lose their minds with joy!

  3. They're adorable! Where do you find shrinky dink paper anymore? I've been laughed out of craft stores for asking for it. Come on, it's so cool!!!

  4. Anonymous11:09 PM

    SO great! Love it!