Sunday, August 03, 2008

Paper stuff

I just discovered this half-written post in my box and remembered all these great links I wanted to share with you a few months ago. So if it's too hot outside today, break out the cardstock; here are all sorts of fun things to do with your afternoon:

Look out! These little printable patterns are totally addictive, even if you have way too many pressing deadlines. Print them directly on cardstock for hours of fun. And yes, I meant to sound like a cheesy late-night commercial there. But seriously, this is an amazing site. Everything seems to be free, and it's all cute!

Sweet drawing style and fun illustration, colored or not.

I love this idea: a little paper boat at the end of your tea bag string. What better way to prevent the string from getting sucked into your cup when you add the water?

Thanks to this link, we're all sporting the Philip Johnson look around here.

Cute paper dolls to print and color.


  1. The patterns are too cute! Bookmarking for when my little ones are old enough not to rip every piece of paper in sight. And the little boats for the tea bags?! Ingenious!

  2. We will try these this week. It is blazing hot here in Alabama. We also have 5 days until school starts and have run out of fun stuff completely! I have a 7 year old son and 5 year old twin girls, these are perfect. Thanks!

  3. They look like great rainy day projects too.Unfortunately we have had more than our fair share of those this summer.

  4. Hello Liesl,

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    I discovered you blog in the other day and I've been reading it for days now, going
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  5. Wow! Thanks for the great link to the paper creations. We have loved the little fairy book and the sun box so far. By the way, were you able to print out the Zelda and Ivy page on one page? Mine was cut off on the side and it printed the bottom on a second page.