Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are you picking up a theme here?

We start every day by laying out Tsia's clothing like this. It began as a way to convince her to wear underpants instead of a diaper, but it's developed into a ritual, usually including everything from underpants (or, more likely, a diaper) to shoes.

Then there's this favorite "game" we play often. I'm given the sad and angry bears; Dr. S gets the happy and laughing bears.

Here is (ostensibly) Tsia's Christmas gift from her cousins

And a recent gift from my Mom

Here's our gift to Tsia for her upcoming third birthday. Notice that those mice are dressed and the gift isn't wrapped yet. Um, yeah. I confess; I've been playing with it. I've also been obsessing over how to translate the Oliver + S patterns into diminutive versions for these mice. Because, oh, I don't know, I don't have enough deadlines and work on my plate right now?

And then there's that other doll we're dressing these days. I can hardly wait to put the spring collection to bed (we're just days away from our print deadlines now) so I can get busy working on my designs for the fall collection!


  1. How exciting about the printing. I hope the pattern testing helped.

  2. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I know a little boy who'd love those mice. I must check if they'll ship internationally :)

  3. Love the clothing layout. My L likes to have options in the morning, I have to pull out two outfits and let her choose. It usually works.

  4. Here's a german reader speaking. I loved that mice, too!! I gave them for present to my little nice (Is that correct? it's the daughter of my brother) some years ago. And i made a bed for the mice out of a box from clementines. (Do you have those woodboxes for fruits in USA?)
    The bed is light blue painted and has real bedclothes so the mice have a warm place to sleep at night.
    Regards, Katharina

  5. My daughter used to lay her clothes out for school just like she could just slip into them magically. It's so cute

  6. Those little dolls on the clothesline are great! Do you know where we can find them?

    (Love your blog, BTW!)

  7. Even my boys love the Woodkins doll forms you dress with fabric scraps. The results are interesting, lol.