Friday, November 09, 2007

Time-filling list

Notice I didn't call it a time-WASTING list? Here's my current list of favorite things:

++Blueprint's feature on David and Amy Butler's home.

++Dharma Trading's selection of dye-able bamboo fabrics. I'm so glad bamboo as a textile is catching on; it has many wonderful qualities.

++I've been on a mission to reduce the number of catalogs we get at our apartment, and it was taking forever to contact each company individually until Amy mentioned this site. Couldn't be easier: you log in, select the catalog you want to eliminate, enter the customer code number on the back of the catalog, and you're done!

++Hable Construction's Design Your Mantle feature. Very cute! Tsia has been playing with it and loves the "pirate" stockings. (At our house, anything with a skull and crossbones is known as a pirate.) I wish Hable would design a quilt fabric line. I'm sure it would sell phenomenally well.

++Heather Moore's wonderful tea towels. I just purchased this one (Heather's photo, above) and love it. I'm thinking Christmas gifts. Hmmm. Here's another designer who should be doing a quilt fabric line!

Crest spinbrush. I never understood why people like electric toothbrushes until I tried this. And for under $7.00?!? Battery operated, and my teeth feel so clean afterwards! Plus, it's better for the environment to replace the just head than to buy a whole new toothbrush. Just be sure to use re-chargeable batteries.

++Paper Source holiday catalog. Here's one I won't be removing with Catalog Choice. Current drools: the snaps, Xyron 900 machine (someone tell me: are they really as useful as they seem?), and that cute pinecone stamp. I guess it's time for me to get busy making our Christmas cards. Hmm, can I justify placing an order if I buy stuff for the cards?


  1. I had never owned an electric toothbrush either, and then I bought a spinbrush. I won't be able to go back... AND so affordable!

  2. I own that Xyron and use it for all kinds of things. It's really quite useful.

  3. The Xyron 900 is on my Christmas list too. Just be sure to tell Santa that you can use your 40% off coupon on these at Michaels and save yourself a bundle! :)

  4. Laura Gunn5:14 PM

    How fun. It's like Operah's favorite things day. Sold, I'm getting that spin brush. (I'm very impressionable)

  5. I get so many catalogs I decided to begin shredding them in my shredder and using them as packing material when I send out packages and customer orders. Way cheaper than just tossing them in the bin and buying packing pellets!

    Neat ideas!

  6. I cannot live without my xyron. really. Thought it would be a space waster, but I seem to forever find things to feed through!! I love to make magnets with my pics and it's a fabulous time-saver to feed stuff through when doing masses of items - christmas cards, etc.
    GET IT!!

  7. Anonymous11:11 AM

    They actually sell the Xyron at Costco, I noticed just this week. If you're a member, go get it. With their awesome guarentee you can return it, no questions asked if you hate it/don't find it useful.

  8. Hmmm...I have an old Xyron and had fun with it at first. But for the last couple of years it's just been sitting on the shelf. I reach for the double-sided tape ALL the time, but never the Xyron. Just my 2 cents. :o)

  9. The refills on the xyron can be pricey too, I seemed to always run out... went through the cartridges very quickly it seemed.
    A time saver? yes, a good resource? depending on what you are doing... maybe.
    I love that stamp too.