Friday, November 30, 2007

The stress puppy is in the house

Ok, I'm in the "What was I ever thinking?" stage of new company development. Much manic emotional behavior over here, jumping for joy one minute because of a new business development, and wringing my hands the next minute because I'm so mired in the minutiae, technical details, and loads of work yet to be done.

It's coming together, very slowly. I really need to focus, to stop baking cookies, cleaning the refrigerator, washing windows and organizing closets, and just get through the last month of pattern testing, revising instructions, creating various processes, and finding people to help me with the stuff I can't do, etc.

And at the same time, I just can't do all that without a little crafting time. It's my sanity time; the time when I feel like I'm in control of things, doing something I love, and just creating.

Really, it was that need to create things that got me here in the first place, and I would lose all perspective if I didn't allow myself a little time to make something once in a while, despite the other stresses and pressures right now.

So again, a little something from Joelle's book, Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, to keep me going. This time I started with the coaster instructions and made a trivet or a hot pad, whatever you want to call it. Love turning all those corners while getting progressively smaller! Very easy, although I think I should have started with a new, sharp needle: I used heat-reflective batting, and my somewhat dull needle didn't like the foil inside it very much. No matter; I adjusted the top tension a bit and it worked out ok. And I like the navy thread in the bobbin vs the creamy thread in the top spool because now the trivet has two different personalities.

I'm feeling a little less stressed now, too. But I think it's time for me to take a bigger step back and keep it all in perspective, as well; the recent passing of a dear family friend reminds me I'm a bit too mired in my own problems right now. That's easy to forget when you're looking at everything from the eyes of the stress puppy.

Time to take this puppy for a walk. Maybe chase a squirrel or dig a hole or something. The work will get done, and the puppy needs to play once in a while.


  1. i love your tablecloth... or is it a liberty print?

    Good luck with all your work. Its beautiful, and i'm sure it will pull together perfectly.

  2. mommyo10:12 AM

    Sorry to hear you are feeling overwhelmed. I am amazed at all you accomplish. I have just started reading your blog and it has been so inspirational to me. I am a lapsed sewer and reading your blog has got me into the spirit again. Thank you!! Good luck with everything. The trivet is very cool. The linen with the geometric design of the thread look very mid century modern.

  3. Tablecloth material is COOL. Very cool.

  4. Ok, I confess; it's not actually a tablecloth. It's a swatch of Liberty print I put down for the photo. But, come to think of it, it WOULD make a nice table covering, wouldn't it?

  5. I hear you, Liesl. I just released a pattern this past weekend and I can't tell you how many 2 AM mornings there were preceeding the release - too many to count and too little sleep, for sure. And your launch is on a grander scale. I just can't imagine. But hang in there! Focus on your family and work when you can. You're blessed with the opportunity to do what you love. God bless-

  6. Hang in there baby. I hope all's well. If I didn't sew I would be flat broke paying for all the therapy I'd need. Probably still need it, but not as much. :-)