Sunday, August 19, 2007

My alternate identity

My life as a 4H rabbit.

Long before I started blogging, I had a husband who blogged. He liked (actually, likes) to tell me that he's smarter than I am (I can handle it, don't worry); I kept telling him that clearly I was the smarter since I didn't waste my time blogging.

He later quit. I'm still doing it. For almost two years now.

But this past week he's been guest blogging about contemporary art again, over here. And I like having him back, even if he does whine about the amount of time it takes.

When he was blogging, I always enjoyed my alternate identity as "Mrs. FtF," since I never knew where I'd pop up. Plus, I like to know what's happening in that brain of his. Often, when he was researching an artist for one of his tours at the Whitney, he would offer me little bits of trivia that would turn up later in a blog post or in one of his tours. I always thought that was funny; I could catch a glimpse of how his mind worked as he pulled together the information and assembled it in an entertaining, thought-provoking manner. The guy is good at that art-talk stuff.

Too bad he says he won't come back. Let's just say this is my public plea that he does.


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I couldn't find a place to comment on TG's blog entries so I'll tell you to tell him - Fabulous! You're right - he needs to rejoing the blogging fold.
    His piece on showing the real-world link between the financial market craziness and its impact on our lives (inflated art values) is a great commentary. TG sounds like he would make a fantastic teacher.

    On another note - I hope your sojourn back to NYC goes(went) smoothly.

    jennifer in KS

  2. Liesl, I can totally relate. When my husband and I were dating, we would sometimes write each other. I'm an old fashioned gal and still enjoy letter-writing with my friends and family. He was willing to play along. Smart guy.

    Sadly, we've dropped that practice and I miss his writing voice. There's a difference in how you express yourself in writing than how you express yourself in speech.

    And I really enjoyed seeing how his mind worked too, how he put thoughts together, told stories or shared observances from his day.

    Here's to hopin' that our husbands return to their respective writing ventures.