Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A little time to myself

It’s way past time for me to update the New York Crafter’s Resources list. So have at it. The bad news is that P&S went out of business (quite a while ago, actually), but the good news is that many new resources have been added. Back when I started the list I was feeling especially sad that Rosen and Chadick seemed to have disappeared from the garment district, but later I discovered that they’ve moved to the second floor of a different building. And my favorite salesperson is still there, so I’ve been especially pleased to resume shopping almost as though nothing has changed.

In fact, a few weeks ago when I stopped in for something, Preston (what a peach he is!) showed me some medium-weight canvas in vibrant solid colors and a good price. I told him I would have to come up with a project so I could justify purchasing some. And just a few days later the perfect project presented itself: a picnic blanket.

I mean, isn’t it about time we retire my college bedsheet and sit on something more appropriate? A little experimentation developed a simple way to sew mitered binding to the edges of the canvas in a way that makes the blanket identical on both sides. Reversible! And Heather Bailey’s print works well with the azalea pink shade I selected. So now it’s like having a little party every time we sit outside! Obviously it doesn't take much to make me happy.

I took advantage of the new blanket this morning and had a sit-down all by myself. What a thrill to lie in the grass for an hour and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Ok, a little quick busines now: If you’re still interested in a backpack pattern, Purlsoho.com has some in stock. Once those are gone I’ll consider reprinting if enough people express an interest. So drop me an email if you’re unable to get a copy and want to add your vote to the reprint list.

That's all from me for today. Hey, maybe I'll be back again tomorrow? We'll see.


  1. Oh yes please come back again tomorrow - I like our dates! That canvas is the most gorgeous colour I wish I could find similar fabric this side of the Atlantic.

  2. What a beautiful creation - I have very fond memories of a lovely picnic blanket from my childhood. Now I need to make one! =)

    Would you be able to tell us what fabric you used for your pattern picture on the bag? I have searched high and low on your blog and can't find it. Thanks!

  3. What a cool picnic blanket. I know P&S is supposed to be out of business but I recently heard from some friends that their doors are still open. Go figure. I also think I read that they are moving across the street or something like that.

  4. Keri, do you mean the linen? I embroidered the floral pattern on it myself, if that's what you're referring to. Or do you mean a different fabric on another backpack? Most of the others have used Kokka fabric from Purlsoho.com. It's the Etsuko line, with lots of fun prints and colors.

    Jeanine, really? I'll be sure to check it out. I assumed they'd be gone by the end of the month when they announced the closing...

  5. Hi,
    P&S moved across the street! It's a smaller space but everything else is the same. When I went last week the patterns were still in the old space but the fabrics and yarns were in the new. Yay

    Oh, I LOVE my backpack!


  6. Avice9:38 AM

    Thank you for posting an inspiring project -- it occurs to me that this would be a wonderful gift for a new mom (and I have several of those on my to do list) because there's nothing nicer than being able to sit with a baby under a tree. I have been showing off my lovely backpack pattern to friends and colleagues. Everyone loves the design, as well the graphic identity/branding that you came up with (we're all into packaging and consistent themes!).

  7. Your picnic blanket is stunning.
    I love the vibrant colours.

  8. the blanket is beautiful, and the backpack is so lovely -- i wish i had better sewing skills to give it a try!

    i believe p&s is at 360 broadway now.

  9. Anonymous3:30 PM

    oh my gosh! the pattern is sold out already! i thought i was doing my due diligence checking their blog weekly for an update on this... Please with a shiny red gingham cherry on top reprint this pattern - i missed the class in the spring and have been itching to get my hands on the pattern!

  10. Lovely picnic blanket! Stylin! Love the cutie piggy toes! :)