Monday, May 21, 2007

Here come the details

Well, I didn't eat any ice cream the other day, but I really enjoyed reading all your comments. You had me laughing out loud in several instances. I'll be sure to eat some ice cream sometime soon, just because of you.

We did manage to do a little relaxing on over the weekend, with a trip to the carousel at Bryant Park and a stop at a friend's gallery opening. Tsia wore this skirt I made for her many months ago. I just haven't had time to make a matching top, but I swear it will happen before the summer is over. I sewed little pleats between the tiers instead of gathering, just for something different.

So, are you ready to go fabric shopping? Here's the supply list for the backpack:

  • 3/4 yard of medium-weight (home dec) fabric for the exterior (body) of the bag (Allow extra fabric for matching or for centering a pattern.)

  • 1/2 yard of medium-weight fabric for the straps and inside patch pocket

  • 3/4 yard light- or medium-weight fabric for the lining

  • 1/2 yard cotton canvas (60" wide)

  • 1/2 yard heavy sew-in interfacing (or 1 1/2 yards if using light-weight fabric for the exterior of the bag)

  • Coordinating thread (you may need more than one color to match your various fabric selections)

  • Two 1 1/4”-1 1/2” o-rings

  • One magnetic snap

  • Four small rivets

  • One 7” zipper

  • One 1”—1 1/2” button

  • Small scrap of lightweight fusible interfacing (approximately 2” x 9”)

Since, even in New York, I had difficulty locating decent o-rings, magnetic snaps, and rivets, I did some shopping the other day and have put together kits of hardware for purchase. The kits will come in your choice of silver or antique gold, and I'll put them up for sale at the same time as the backpack patterns. (Very soon, hold your horses! Maybe even tonight!)

Anyone who orders the pattern (with or without the hardware) before they're actually printed will be guaranteed a copy, and I'll be sure to make a few extras as well. Cost will be $15 for the pattern or $25 for the pattern with the hardware. I'll post information and a link for ordering either tonight or tomorrow, and you'll have a couple of days (at least) to place orders.

Ok? Oh, and Brooke corrected me; she didn't design Joelle's first book. But she did the new book, and you're going to love what she's done with the pattern. I wish I could show it to you, but it's not quite ready...


  1. This is very exciting, particularly the notions kit as I was wondering about that. G Street Fabrics, my local destination of choice here in DC, is good but not perfect.

  2. oh i am holding my breath!

  3. please put a pattern and silver notions kit aside for me. I can't wait to see it.

  4. janice7:27 AM

    Woo hoo, count me in for a pattern kit w/notions - silver.

  5. I love your daughter's skirt!

  6. The picture is VERY familar!

  7. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Set aside a silver kit / pattern for me, too!

  8. Pattern and notions for me too. Thank you!

  9. so excited about this!! so thoughtful of you to put together the notions kit too... great idea for those of us stuck far, far from the garment district :)