Friday, March 16, 2007


Well, the Purl garment district shopping tour is all set. I can hardly wait! I've arranged some special tours of my favorite shops, and one store has offered everyone in the group a 20% discount. Two other stores are opening specially for us, since they're aren't always open on Saturdays. And to top it all off, we're having lunch at the Bryant Park Grill! I think it will be lots of fun.

This is the first time I've organized a shopping tour, and it was really interesting to make all the arrangements. Some of the shops were beyond happy to oblige, and other stores just didn't get it. Here they have a fantastic opportunity to gain some new customers but seemed almost resentful that we wanted include them in our plans, even though they are open on Saturdays anyway. Of course the garment district has never been known for it's fabulous customer service or for a luxurious shopping ambiance but, hey, we're coming to spend money!

I think there are a few spots still open if anyone will be in the area and wants to join us. I'm looking forward to having Chocolate Marbles French Toast (whatever that is, it sounds ridiculously rich, sweet, and indulgant) and champagne for brunch after a hard morning of shopping for luxury fabrics, notions, and trim. What a tough life!


  1. Oh boy, that sounds like one of the best possible ways to spend a Saturday. I am hoping to visit NY in May, any chance you'll be doing more shopping tours?

  2. that sounds so wonderful i am tempted to take the train up for the day! have fun!!!

  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Please don't miss SO-GOOD Inc. 28 West 38th st.!! It is a mess of a store but with the nicest staff and great trims for great prices! I'll always come back.

    Karola from Germany

  4. Hi Karola, you're right about So-Good. Sadly, they're closed on Saturdays. But we have several other great trim shops on our must-see list!

  5. Anonymous7:53 PM

    When is the date again for this shopping trip?


  6. Did you make that bunny cupboard? We had a good look with my child and disgussed everything that's in there. It's lovely.

  7. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Hi Liesl- what a shame!!
    On the risk of telling you stale news: Here's the link to Paula Nadelstern's NYC garment district guide:
    It helped me a lot on my way through all those fabulous shops. But I nearly suffered a nervous breakdown at M&J-Trimmings ;-)). Be prepared!!

    Oh how I'd love to join you on your shopping tour!!

  8. oh how jealous i am... sounds like a ton of fun and dangerous as can be...

  9. Kleja, I will certainly consider giving another tour soon. It probably won't be as early as May, but perhaps, if there's enough interest...

    Karola, I like So-Good too. Unfortunately they're not open on Saturdays. They were disappointed to miss us as well. Aren't they sweet?

    Cara, the date for the trip is March 24--next Saturday. We'll be meeting at 10:00 and shopping until we drop or the stores close (4:00), whichever comes first.

    Matroskin, I wish I made that cabinet! That's one of our stops: Tinsel Trading. The entire store is gorgeous!

    Anonymous, I've seen Paula's list before. Thanks for the reminder! I also have a shorter list someplace on this blog. And M&J is unbelievable, isn't it? We're going to include some lesser-known sources as well, since it's always nice to have even MORE variety. As if M&J isn't variety enough...

  10. i wish i could come..... :(

  11. how i wish i could be there... have a wonderful time!!

  12. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Oh man, the one weekend I'm going out of town :( Hopefully I'll catch another one, though. Sounds like loads of fun.