Monday, September 18, 2006

Much ado about Much Ado

I'm too shy to ask permission to take people's photos, unlike the Sartorialist, so I use the Kiddo as my decoy. If I seem to be taking photos of her, people don't notice that I'm actually taking photos of them as well. I took this picture today primarily as a foil so I could take another photo.

Little had insisted that we check out Much Ado About Nothing when we were leaving the library. Who am I to argue if she wants to read Shakespeare? We had to stop for a short reading break on the (four-block) walk home. She even tried to read it to a dog we met.

So what was I really trying to photograph? This woman's little bag:

Can you see it? It's a tiny elephant. Sorry the photo is so terrible. I thought it was really cute and wondered if she had made it herself. Maybe next time I'll force myself to ask instead of making much ado about it all. Perhaps I missed a fascinating story?

P.S. Beth, can you send me your address again? For some reason, I didn't get your email.


  1. Liesl, these bags are from Thailand, where they cost about 50cents. Amy got one (in bright pink of course) as a 'lolly bag' for a child's birthday. As the National symbol of Thailand, and something very auspicious, the elephant features heavily in all kinds of design, especially textiles. Every second purse, bag, cushion cover, bedspread, sarong either features an elephant print, weave or shape. Next time I go back I'll buy you one :-)

  2. Oh!
    I was going to say
    and was going to suggest that perhaps some nice crafty blogger (not me) would tell you about it...
    but look -
    now I need to go to Thailand.

  3. Well, I think we should organize a crafters' trip to Thailand! Anyone else some along so we can all buy elephant bags? I want one for my cell phone, since I never have enough pockets. Thanks for the info, Suzie!

  4. that bag is cute.

    and i do (or have done) the same thing before. a few years ago i was "mullet-hunting," and taking pictures of as many mullets as i could find ...

    but, lately, it's been purses in boutiques and gift shops. (and then i try to use my cell phone's camera, since it's not as noticeable!)

  5. Next to Japane, Northern Thailand is indeed my crafty Mecca!

  6. Wow - that is SUCH a cute bag. I think I need to join the Thailand trip. : )