Saturday, August 19, 2006

Things that are making me happy right now

1. Orange-scented dishsoap. Whoever that Trader Joe guy is, he has excellent taste in scents and products. Isn't it funny that such a little thing as orange scent can make a dreary chore more fun?

2. Purl's new blog, The Purl Bee. Those talented people over at Purl are always coming up with something cool. And guess what! You can buy fabric at their on-line shop now.

3. Having short hair again. Remind me next time: I'm just not meant for long(ish) hair.

4. I don't think I've told you yet about the Print and Pattern blog, have I? It's fantastic for inspiration; a collection of visuals gathered from all over the web.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Scented dishsoap -- it's a wonder that it has taken so long for manufacturer's to realize that there's something to aromatherapy and make soaps that smell of authentic, vs. synthetic, scents. Thank you for the Purl Bee link.

  2. I used to love lemon scented cleaners until my sister pointed out that when she smells a lemon she thinks of cleaning...I can't bear to ruin one of my favourite smells!

    And hey, I wanna see that hair! As someone who is pretty much always a short hair girl I am currently in one of my longish stages. I'd like to be reminded of why this is just an aberation :-)

  3. I with you on the soap - I love TJ's lavender scented dish soap!

    Thank you for the great link to the print & pattern blog.

  4. ohhh i love that blog!!!

  5. nice to hear from you again! what lovely pictures--that baby is getting big! sounds like you had a nice and restful vacation even with the virus...

  6. The Print and Pattern blog is excellent! Beautiful arrangement.