Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Poor Todd, home less than 24 hours this weekend before heading off on another business trip. We wanted to make the most of an afternoon together, so we strapped the baby into the backpack and headed to midtown for a change. First a stop at the Pierpont Morgan Library to see the new Renzo Piano addition:

Morgan atrium

Then a jaunt over to Bryant Park. A ticket at the booth

Le Carrousel ticket booth
for a trip on the carousel,

Le Carrousel
Le Carrousel
then a short sit-down to enjoy the weather and the Parisian atmosphere.

Bryant Park
A stop at Beard Papa for a treat,

Beard Papa
and a drop-in at the Whitney at Altria to see the other Andrea Zittel show.

Andrea Zittel: Whitney at Altria
And then we headed home again via the East River, where we watched the tug boats and sailboats on our way downtown. All in all, a pleasant afternoon with a few photographic memories.


  1. Oh my that sounds like an absolutely lovely day I am glad you got so many lovely photos to accompany it!

  2. what a wonderful day out - I love the carousel and I want one of those cream puffs. And aren't kids in sunglasses the funniest/cutest thing?

    Just a quick thank you as well for showing the photos of my skirt - the thrill it gave me was quite silly really. I can't wait for your next tutorial!

  3. what a wonderful afternoon you had. i would have loved to see the Andrea Zittel show, i have enjoyed her work since seeing her Art:21 piece about 5 or 6 years ago. her outfits are amazing as well as the living structures she designs.

  4. That sounds like a very, very, very nice day!

  5. I'm so jealous! I love spending nice afternoons enjoying a multitude of museums...must get back to NYC soon :)

  6. I need to stop reading your blog - seriously green with envy in Washington state!