Thursday, June 01, 2006

And still more Martha

Ok, you all are too much. Somehow I didn't know about Marthadex: very cool! I will continue to search for the article, this time looking for September 1997. And thanks for the offers to scan it for me; I may just take one of you up on it if the search continues to be unfruitful.

By the way, if you were to subscribe to just one Martha magazine, which would it be? I haven't had much success with the recipes in Everyday Food (I frankly prefer the recipes in Real Simple, but I need to borrow my Mom's magazines when I go home because I really can't be subscribing to that magazine as well), but I can't decide between MSL and Blueprint. It's sort of hard to tell what Blueprint will be like based on just one issue, isn't it? I think I'm leaning toward MSL. I guess I'm not totally clear what the difference between the two magazines is. Maybe MSL is targeted more toward women in their 30's and 40's and Blueprint is targeted toward people in their 20's and early 30's? That's just a guess, but the magazines seem to have similar focuses on home, decorating, and the like. MSL has projects, however, and I don't recall seeing any in Blueprint. But like I said, there's only been one issue so far.

All this washing of linens has inspired me to start washing each one of Todd's sweaters by hand before putting them away for the summer. I really dislike drycleaning chemicals, and it's a lot cheaper to hand wash the sweaters anyway. I started today with his ivory- and camel-colored cashmere sweaters. He has a lot of beautiful cashmere sweaters from back when I was designing for Ralph Lauren and could attend the employee-only days at the sample sales. Like he said, too bad that gravy train left the station when I left the company. I enjoyed working at Tommy Hilfiger a lot more, but the sweaters just weren't of the same quality as Ralph's.

Alright, on to more interesting things. Two items found via Swissmiss:

Photography by Jan Von Holleben - you must see all the photos in the series; they're so clever and amusing.

A small swimming pool sculpture by Maria Bussmann. Maybe I'm just missing my local pool, but this is awfully cute.

This lovely Denyse Schmidt quilt at Velocity, found via Shelterrific. What a great price for such a beautiful piece! You can see many more fabulous quilts on Denyse's website.

And speaking of Denyse-style quilts, have you seen Blair's gorgeous quilt? Somewhere in my stash of fabrics are the yards I purchased with this same pattern in mind; perhaps I should get busy while I'm so inspired by her gorgeous results.

You must also see Suzie's backtack rabbit and it's adorable coat and shoes. I love how the embroidered motif carries across both sides of the vest front.

That's it for me.


  1. i adore MSL, but BY FAR my faves were Kids and Baby, which are for some insane reason not being produced anymore. i'm not that thrilled by everyday food or blueprint so far....

  2. Kyrie, I agree: Kids was fantastic, and I miss it terribly. Even Cookie isn't measuring up to it's standards, and I had such high hopes for it.

  3. Oh, MSL for me for sure. I was not that impressed with Blueprint, especially the spread with all the beautiful shoes for $300 or more!

  4. All of the above magazines are unavailable from Oz! How ripped off do I feel?! I have one back issue of Kids which I got from a swap. It's totally fabulous and there is nothing even close to it on the market here. Crap and double crap. A whole fabulous institution just passed me by...

    And thanks so much for the kind words about the wabbit! You are so nice :-)