Monday, April 24, 2006

On a semi skirt-related note

It's official. There will be two skirt tutorials: one for the "un-"waistband and one for the scalloped hem. Thanks for the feedback, and I'll get to work on it right away.

For those of you in or headed to New York, here are a couple of must-sees:

Christie's has been commissioned to auction a group of works for the Donald Judd foundation. Four reasons to see the preview:
1. The work is in amazing condition and has never been on the market before.
2. I would imagine most of the work will be sold into private collections, so you may not be able to see these pieces again later.
3. The space where this work is being exhibited is a perfect setting. Christie's has taken one and one half floors on an office building on Sixth Avenue (excuse me, Avenue of the Americas). Upon exiting the elevator, the whitewashed brick walls and warehouse-y feel of the space are a complete surprise.
4. The views of midtown from the exhibition space are rather surprising.

If you're in the area, be sure to stop by. See the link for details.

Waist Down, at Prada in SoHo is worth the trip for both the skirts on view and for the way those skirts are shown. This is a wonderful show of beautifully designed pieces, excellent descriptions of each item, and a cleverly-designed exhibit. The skirts were designed by Miuccia Prada. The show was designed by Rem Koolhaas. I'm sure the store (or Epicenter, as the people at Prada call it) will be busy for the duration of the exhibit, so go during the week if you're able.

By the way, I've been tossing around an idea to create a website for travelling crafters. When planning a trip, you could visit the site to find favorite yarn shops, fabric stores, and other resources as contributed by local residents and crafters who know the area. Todd suggested setting up a Squidoo page. Does anyone know of any other resources that might be useful in setting up a website like this?


  1. I love the idea of a "where to craft" list for cities around the world ... maybe a Google Maps mashup, too, eventually?

  2. A lot of people might use some kind of blogging software, like Movable Type, to do this. You could use categories for the cities and add content as you found it. Just because it's running blog software doesn't mean a webpage has to really look like a blog.

    Let me know if you want to talk about this on the phone or in person.

  3. that is such a fantastic idea! one that you could even turn into a book if you were so inclined. I've seen a knitting store directory book for travellers. how cool to be able to access something on the internet. how about Blogger?

  4. Gaah, the Prada exhibit looks AMAZING. I do love a circle skirt but I look terribly unforgiving in them.

  5. Oh know I wish I was in New York! Not the first time though!

  6. If your project comes to be, you can sign me up for Austin.

  7. A traveling crafter blog/website is a fantastic idea! It would probably be helpful even for local people who might not be aware of really great stuff in their own area. I would definitely be using a resouce like that if it was available.

  8. hi there, i really think that would be a wonderful resource... i started my own blog as a way to keep track of places i personally wanted to go to when i travel (which can include craft shops!), but something like this could be really useful to the crafting community at large. i'd love to know how it goes for you, i'll keep checking your site!

  9. That is a wonderful idea.