Monday, March 27, 2006

What I learned this weekend

Update: Oooh, look! I'm a finalist!

"Hey, JoJo, what do you say,
We all want to know what you learned today.
We're all here, so go on: take it away!
We all want to know, tell us what you learned today."

Have you ever seen the children's television show, "JoJo's Circus"? I love how at the end of each segment JoJo is whisked away by a stage/television crew to tell everyone what she learned. They set it all up for her: lights, stage, backdrop, camera.

It's a good thing there's no audience over here, since I just got barfed on by the baby and am now wearing clothes I pulled out of the dirty laundry. In any case, here's a report about what I learned over the weekend.

1. It's a really bad idea for me to knit more than one thing at a time. After working on a baby sock earlier in the day, yesterday I returned to the hat I'm making for a swap with Suzie. It wasn't until I had finished knitting one of the earflaps that I realized I had knitted a baby-sized earflap onto an adult-sized hat. Apparently I'm not alert or awake enough to remember which pattern I'm reading.

2. I discovered that I love knitting socks. I had a sneaking suspicion this might be the case. The pattern is the Easy Children's Socks pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple. I can hardly wait to try some other patterns. Lace, perhaps? I don't want to get too ambitious, but I'm in love with Anna's Elfine socks and may have to make them next.

In fact, I noticed last night as I was getting ready for bed (What? You mean you don't brush your teeth and read Bloglines at the same time?) that Emily at Yarn Miracle is having a contest to give away some Lorna's Laces sock yarn. I slipped my entry into the hat at the last minute. You can vote on your favorite "Why I deserve my first skein of Lorna's" entry starting Tuesday.

3. It struck me again yesterday how many terrific blogs exist today. Here are a few that I've recently found and am enjoying:

Shim and Sons Great Japanese craft magazines, nice photos and beautiful handmade items. I love that personalized polka dot tote bag!

A Dress A Day If you're a dress fan, here are some terrific vintage sewing patterns and photos of dresses, both contemporary and vintage. Isn't this a great idea for a blog?

Floating World Views All about living and crafting in Japan. Check out the photos of Tokyo fashion.

And now I need to go do a load of laundry. Isn't it funny how these things happen on the one night Todd is out of town after being home for nearly three months straight?

I leave you with a photo of the baby enjoying her "new" chair. (Pre barf.)


  1. It's always good to learn new things!!

    I've learned what an absolute cutie your daughter is!!

    Best Wishes!

  2. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Great sock Liesl! you should be a professional sock knitter. I'm hoping to finish the pair I'm knitting for the boy in a year or two.:) Laurel

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I've been enjoying your blog and looking at all your beautiful creations!

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    great blog love the mittens my friend who is 7 are making some thanks cutie daughter I agree too renee