Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Quilt brainstorms, anyone?

Well, this is my first post of the new year and also, coincidentally, my 100th post to the blog. So I guess that's a small milestone to celebrate.

Ok, readers, I need your help. Take a look at these photos:

My mom has 122 of these quilt "blocks" (?) that my great-grandmother stitched by hand and never used. Obviously that's way too many for a quilt. And since there are so many, and there are also eleven great-grandchildren, Mom thought maybe she should split them up and make something for each of us. Any ideas? How does one put them together? We were talking about maybe appliqueing them onto something else rather than trying to stitch each of those corners to eachother. Has anyone else attempted anything like this? Mom was considering making wall-hangings. Other thoughts? We would love any ideas you have.

I really like the vintage prints on the blocks, and some of the color palettes are pretty great too (pink and brown, just my thing right now). I wonder what she had in mind when she was stitching all of these together! Did she have a project planned, or was this just something she did to use up leftover scraps of fabric and to pass the time? I suppose we'll never know.


  1. those are AMAZING! how lucky are you!!

    pillows?? although on the wall would be lovely too....

    i think you could blanket stitch them together - or put them on another fabric

    congrats on 100 posts!

  2. Oh, those are wonderful. Love the colours, and the colour variations, too. I don't have any experience on the sewing together thing, but it seems good to do something with each set (of 11?) pieces that keeps them from getting split up.

  3. I have a quilt that I bought at an auction with blocks like that. They are pieced onto a white background. Perhaps that would help you make those go further. Although that is a lot of work!

  4. They are fantastic! What an amazing thing to inherit a piece of history like that. I can see a plain background for them too - I'd definitely go the applique where you really get to appreciate the fine work of each block. Maybe a cascade pattern with blocks spaced apart, gradually getting closer til you have like a cog type pattern with a couple of blocks almost interlocking? I'd make bed covers (or doona covers) so I would be able to appreciate them everyday as I love craft products that are aslo 'useful'.

  5. Wow -- those are amazingly beautiful! I have pieced a quilt top like this using reproducton fabrics. I cut freezer paper into hexagons, cut the fabric a little larger, pressed the seam allowance onto the shiny side of the freezer paper all the way around (tucking under all the raw edges) and then whip-stitched them together. I won't lie -- it was very time consuming. I haven't quilted mine yet. Really needed to step back from it for awhile! I think I have a photo of mine in my quilts & patchwork photo album on my blog.