Tuesday, January 24, 2006

11 months

Like many parents, I try to document the growth of our baby on a monthly basis. I selected my old Paddington doll as the point of reference, I guess because he's relatively big and was approximately the size of the baby when she was born. So every month on or near the 21st I take a photo of Bebe with Paddington. And every month it proves to be a little trickier to take that photo, with the baby moving around more and more.

This month, don't ask my why, I thought it would be fun to include Parker, our cat, in the photo. So we did a little line-up: babydoll (we're learning "eyes" right now, and the doll doesn't scream when Bebe sticks fingers in hers), Bebe, Paddington, and Parker. I don't know how parents of more than one child ever manage to get a halfway decent photo of them together. This is what we got:

two subjects on the move.

two subjects nearly out of the photo.

At least one subject stayed put. Who knows where the other one went.

We may settle for this shot. At least everyone is in the frame and in focus, more or less.

And I wonder why my knitting/crafting time seems so limited...


  1. I love these photos! Adorable!

  2. they are such a fun set... made me smile.