Thursday, December 15, 2005

White dove of peace - or wool, anyway

I bought this ornament at Hable Construction the other day. It's made from a really thick wool felt, and the wings and tail have been treated somehow to make them more stiff - starch? It's so beautifully made; I thought it might give a few crafty people some inspiration.

Oh, by the way, I hade posted a while ago about purchasing yardage from Hable. Uh-uh: they sell to the trade only. So if you are or know a decorator you might be able to buy fabric, but you can't just call or stop by to purchase a yard or two. And I see that their website has been changed so it's not so misleading about that, which is good.


  1. I love this! gorgeous!

  2. yupp, beautiful bird!

  3. I think the wings may be dry felted - this produces a much stiffer finish wihtout any additives. I just learned this technique and it's amazing - very easy and produces really solid forms from fleece.