Wednesday, December 28, 2005


My mom made such cute oilcloth totes for her daughters for Christmas. Here's a photos of mine, which I've been using constantly since we returned home. It's the perfect size for the essentials when we run to the library or to the park:

She bought the oilcloth on-line, she said, I think from Denver fabrics, right Mom?

I love the print inside the bag. What's really great about the bag is that she used plastic canvas to make the bottom of the bag solid so it doesn't sag when you put something in it. But I don't know how she topstitched the bottom of the bag - I struggled with the machine when I sewed the bottom of this tote. The arm of the machine was just too short, or I'm just not very nimble-fingered.

I wanted to give a small gift to a friend and wanted to make it special, so I pulled a Martha Stewart and customized a tote bag we had received as part of a goodie bag from a benefit. The Kaffe Fassett fabric matched the bag perfectly. I put the gift (Bailey's liqueur - her favorite once-a-year indulgence!) into the bag instead of wrapping it.


  1. Right, I found the oilcloth at Denver Fabrics. They have so many bright and pretty designs that it was hard to choose just a couple. My machine didn't have too hard a time with stitching on the oilcloth but some machines might need to have the tension adjusted a bit. Now I need to make one for myself!