Monday, December 26, 2005

Danger Baby

Remember Freddie the Rescue Cat? Well, Freddie has a younger sister who wants desperately to keep up with him and is a bit of a daredevil in her quest to be just like her big brother. As a result, Freddie has nicknamed his little sister Danger Baby. (I love the 4-year-old mind - it's always working!)

And that's what this was all about.

Thus, I hereby give you Danger Baby - Freddie's sister's Christmas gift:

the face was modeled a little after Lola

feminine in her dress and Mary Janes...

...but note those bandages on the arms and leg (small price to pay for the opportunity to play with your cool older brother - this is what happens when you launch yourself off stairs, you know)

I had so much fun making her! I think I may make another one for Bebe's first birthday. And I learned so much while making her, I'd like to make a few changes to the way I made her, and I'll make the arms and legs a little longer next time. But I can see how these little softies are rather addictive!


  1. Anonymous9:22 PM

    The more I look at this doll (the real thing), the more impressed I am with the detail and care that went into it. Just the shoes themselves are amazing: the fit, the "buttons". This is such a special gift! Danger Baby will appreciated this in future years (...unless her dangerous days get too dangerous). And I recognized the Lola nose right away.

  2. the bandage just makes it!

    looking forward to the next one.

  3. Hi...I found you through Beki at Artsy Craftsy Babe and had to comment. Such a excellent doll! A really great idea with perfect execution. What a lucky girl to recieve such a brilliant gift.

  4. I love her liesl!!!! The detail!!!! And I think her arms and legs look great short. Would love to see any technical notes or patterns you'd like to share (like what goes on under that dress), for all my softy making I haven't ever felt really confident about the classic rag doll and would love to try something like her.

  5. Thanks, everyone! And Sooz, it never even crossed my mind to take a photo of her without her dress on - I guess now I have to make another one so I can show you how she's constructed.

  6. Laurel7:43 PM

    I am very impressed with your doll-making ability--and the way that Danger Baby's spunk shines through. You are so creative Liesl.