Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Christmas star (in more ways than one)

My niece has a **starring** role as the Christmas **star** in her church's upcoming program. I would love to see her performance (we live too far away!), not only because she is my niece but also because she is fearless in front of people and has a great sense of humor. I know she has lots of lines and a secret, special part that no one knows anything about. Something tells me it will be a show to remember.

While the baby and I were visiting my parents, my sister requested a costume for her little star: apparently the existing costume was a bit bedraggled or too big - I'm not sure which. Anyway, we were on the verge of a large sewing project (think tulle and shimmery satin) when we got the call: the costume was ok. So instead we stuck with a crown/tiara as an addition to the existing costume. Here are a few photos:

I made the tiara with twisted 24 gauge wire and some inexpensive beads we found at JoAnn Fabrics. The big fancy star at the front is from a silly Christmas ornament we found on the holiday ornament rack - it came as part of a pair that looked more like oversized earrings than tree ornaments, but it was perfect for the crown. I made sure to add lots of dangly bits on the crown so it would sparkle and shine even in the back rows. I hope it will do the trick and make our little star even more glittery. And now I can feel a little bit like I supported her, even though I couldn't be there to see her shine.

Perhaps I'll have some photos of the full effect to show you after the Christmas Eve performance? I hope?


  1. Anonymous9:19 PM

    How sweet! And I can hardly wait to hear about her big part.

  2. I love that, it is beautiful