Thursday, November 10, 2005

Good things for today

Apparently I need to start each post with some text (not photos) in order for the title to show. So here's some text. Maybe you can read the title now.

I'm no expert on children's tv. After all, Bebe is only eight months old and probably shouldn't be watching it at all, according to experts. But frequently at dinnertime, when she's really tired and grumpy, I find that turning on a cartoon or children's program will keep her occupied long enough to get enough oatmeal into her to last through the night - or until 5:30 am anyway.

The only problem is that at dinnertime there aren't any good programs on tv. So today I set the computer to record a few morning programs to watch later. (Our tv is on the computer; strange, I know, but keep in mind that we live in a one-bedroom apartment. No room for a bigscreen, even if we wanted one...) And lo and behold, I found the most excellent program ever! Maybe everyone else in the world already knows about Charlie and Lola. I've always been a big fan of Rolie Polie "looking spiffie" Olie, but I think Charlie and Lola may beat out Olie and Zoe in my fanbook - not that they're competing, mind you.

We ran some errands today and the worst thing happened: my beloved Nalgene, which I take everywhere, leaked all over inside the diaper bag. Probably 10 ounces of water inside a waterproof bag - it held like a bucket - and I didn't realize the problem until my sketchbook was soaked. I mean dripping water. Blah! So while Bebe was watching Charlie and Lola, I was desperately trying to save the book with my hairdryer in one hand and spooning the oatmeal into Bebe's mouth with the other hand. And I bought a new Nalgene before we came home today. I'm not taking any more chances.

In other very exciting news, I'm taking the night off from crafting tonight, not because I don't feel like making anything or don't have have tons of projects to do, but because I really want to read my book before it's due back to the library. And because there's a glass of wine chilling in the refrigerator for me; thanks for the inspiration, Jane!


  1. excellent reading choice - let me know how you like it.

  2. wow, I"m more interested in how you get TV on your computer!!!



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  4. i'm a fan of charlie and lola, too. i was thrilled when the show was created because i've loved lauren childs' books ever since i read her book i will never not ever eat a tomato (which is the book the cartoon characters are based on). the rest of her picture books are also wonderful.