Saturday, October 01, 2005

We're back!

Well, eight hours in the air and the Kid did beautifully! You know you've got a good flier when people compliment her on the plane, on the way out of the plane, at the baggage claim, in the line for immigration, in the line for customs, etc. She took three naps in the air and was all smiles the rest of the time.
What a relief that it's over!

Poor thing is still off schedule but seems to be adjusting quickly. We were up at 1:30 this morning, but at 2 pm she's still going, so hopefully tomorrow will be closer to our 7 - 7 target.

It's interesting to notice what a difference three weeks has made in her actions at home. The cat gets no peace now, and they compete for space on the cat's scratch box. But Bebe is also finding her way all over the apartment and playing with toys she didn't really seem interested in before we left. And her play is more developed. I probably wouldn't have noticed such a difference if we had stayed home; being away gave me two comparison points.

Anyway, I have little to nothing to show in the way of craftings during our absence. One would have thought that with no English TV, radio, newspapers and no internet access (whoa, the amount of time I spend online is frightening!) I would have gotten tons done. But I guess I spent all that time walking and looking at Spanish Vogue instead! I'd better get to work.

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